January 28, 2013

OMS and Smith Optics Know Your History: Sean Kearns and Sean Johnson

Last season, the OMS coaching staff decided that it was time for the kids to gain some proper knowledge on the legends of our sport who bootpacked the trail for the snowboarding and made it what it is today.  We deemed it “Know your History.”  In year two, we’re collaborating with Smith Optics and have left it up to their infamous TM Nate Farrell to dish out some og’er names for our kids to research, grow to know, and to ultimately develop a deeper and richer appreciation for the sport they all love. Last up, Sean Kearns and Sean Johnson (of Whiskey Series fame) written by OMS Snowboarder Taylor Spaulding (15')

Sean Kearns and Sean Johnson were the ones who made the original Whiskey videos and made snowboarding in the 90's gnarly. The Whiskey videos were based on snowboarding and the snowboarding lifestyle not just all snowboarding like the Mack Dawg and Standard videos they were involved in. The videos were Jackass before Jackass even was a thought and showed the behind the scenes antics of Boozy the Clown and other pro riders making snowboarding hardcore.

Putting all their Whiskey days behind them Sean Johnson and Sean Kearns cleaned up their act and put their shenanigans behind them and are both still heavily involved with the snowboarding scene. In the late 1990’s, Sean Johnson and his childhood buddy Brad Richmond started a snowboard company called StepChild and are now selling it on the global market. Sean Kearns was on the Forum team and made videos including THAT, until the team dissolved and he quit. Kearns then started an athlete management company called Infamous in which he and Roberta Rodgers (another pro shred) currently have some of the top riders in the game.

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