November 16, 2012

OMS Snowboarding // Know Your History: Noah Salasnek

 OMS Snowboarders are dedicated and passionate about the Sport, so therefore Jerry and I have put it upon our athletes to know a little bit more about the history of snowboarding and on the old school shredders who paved the way.  We have asked each OMS snowboarder to do some research and gain a little more historical knowledge on the legends of snowboarding.  First up, Noah Salasnek written by OMS Snowboarder Austin Hawkes.


Do you know Noah Salasnek? Well if you don’t I suggest you learn or do some research about him. Noah is such a rad dude! He could shred anything as good as anybody else in his time. Noah was a professional snowboarder and before Noah even started snowboarding he was a skateboarder.  He started skateboarding when he was six and was great at it. Later on he got big into skating vert and his skateboarding introduced him to the snowboarding scene. He was a true ripper, with raw talent. His biggest time was in the late 80’s and early 90’s. He moved to Tahoe and became a pro by the time he was in his early 20’s. He got a pro model on Sims snowboards and signed a contract and it was pretty legit for him. Noah grew in the snowboarding industry riding with his good friend Chris Roach and these two guys rode nothing alike. They both had their own cool style that was just totally rad. They got along because they had the same drive and passion for the sport. By the time Noah was pro he was winning and doing very well in every snowboarding contest he did. Noah continued riding professionally through the 90’s with outstanding parts in Standard Films.  Salasnek didn’t focus on the fame, the contest, or the money. Noah focused on snowboarding and having fun. That’s what meant the most to him. Noah rode pipe, backcountry, and jumps. He inspired others to have his style on and off snow. He was just a cool guy all round and was easy going.

Noah soon got older and retired from being a professional snowboarder and he wanted to start his own project with Peter Line and Mack Dawg called Forum snowboards. Unfortunately, Salasnek could not go in on this project because he was on a contract with Sims snowboards at the time so he could not leave Sims. Forum snowboards is now one of the biggest snowboarding companies out there these days, known for great rail and jib riders. Salasnek’s story contributes to my life because I’m trying to follow in his footsteps and make it big like him.  I would also like to have an awesome reputation like he does if I do make it big because people will talk nothing but good about you and that word will just spread. But the most important part is to just have fun riding and enjoy it because not only it shows better spirits in you and it makes your riding look way more rad when you put in that effort. Salasnek was like a Shaun White in his time. Which is also pretty rad to know because look at how big Shaun White is. Noah definitely helped the sport to progress and to have good style while doing so. Noah’s a super awesome dude and I not only look up to his riding, but I also look up to his personality and skating too.

-Austin Hawkes

OMS Shredder


  1. Never heard of him so thanks for this. Good luck in your dream to make it big!

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  2. Yeah Austin, nice work on the research and paper!